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Support Network Launched - for parents going through divorce, separation and relocation - internal and international


LiberFamilia's global network linking parents together for local mutual support has launched today! Areas primarily but not exclusively covered include Australia, UK, Denmark and UAE. If you are a parent from anywhere in the world trying to navigate the family law and child custody legal system, who would like to meet other parents in similar situations, get in touch with us and we will connect you to parents in your local area, who are going through a similar experience. Watch this space for launch details for our local support group coffee mornings.



International Women's Day Sees the Launch of Legal and Well-being Charity - LiberFamilia

March 8th 2018

LiberFamilia (the new sister organisation to Liber Human Rights http://liber.org.uk/) supports women and children through the minefield of the legalities of divorce, separation, relocation and child custody. LiberFamilia also provides vital help for all well-being issues for women and children raised by legal proceedings.





LiberFamilia was set up by a single mum of three, who has been through complex legal divorce, child custody, domestic violence and relocation battles.


The organisation was inspired due to a serious lack of support and care for families trying to navigate their way through the minefield of the Family Law system. Most of whom have no prior experience, or knowledge of how the system really works.


LiberFamilia aims to ensure children and their parents are supported and protected through an incredibly stressful time.



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Professional Support


LiberFamilia helps to empower women and men to make the right choices for them and their children. To enable them to get through challenging legal processes. Especially when they are shattered and incredibly stressed. The organisation can help you to see the wood for the trees - to manage and prioritise, help from tasks such as home cleaning, through to top level legal advice and support at Court. The team at LiberFamilia know first hand what it takes to get through this distressing time. LiberFamilia will remain a constant open door and sounding board for the duration of your Court case and until you and your children are settled in your new lives.



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