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LiberFamilia is a charity that supports and guides families through times of legal threat. Helping you navigate your way through the minefield of Family Law, the Judicial system, Courts and associated services. Ensuring the safety and long-term well-being of both you and your children, at and beyond this time of extreme pressure and duress.

Family Law


LiberFamilia will help you get the right legal counsel and help you access funding options, if needs be. Ongoing support is provided throughout the entire process and beyond, if needs be.



LiberFamilia will give you the help you need to protect yourself and your children from ongoing physical, emotional and psychological abuse. LiberFamilia also provides supportive services that help to ensure your long term physical and mental health. Enabling you to continue to be a great parent and cope with the journey ahead.



When your relationship with your children is threatened it is terrifying. LiberFamilia will help you and your children access the right kind of support to help you through this tough time. LiberFamilia has experience in international child abduction cases; inc. Hague Convention and UAE.





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